For Google sheet TBA trial


Open TBA from Menu.

TBA shows one record highlighted in trail and associated branch and aspect lists. (See overview sheet).

Select <<< in bottom bar to show selection in a spreadsheet matrix for a single aspect. Select a spreadsheet cell and > >> to refresh TBA with new selection's associations.

So, for example, a nurse would find TBA useful for recording many aspects of an examination of a patient, whereas a pharmacist might find a spreadsheet more useful for stock control.

TBA is also useful for cloning large sets of records. For example, using Link > Clone, one room, complete with furniture can be replicated on one floor, then that floor, complete with rooms can be replicated for a complete tower.

Successfully trialed, but not implemented here, is storing the JSON records and libraries in depositories like


Every name is a hyperlink.

The display is rerun after each selection with new associations and positioning.

If not already highlighted, selections are always centered and highlighted. Selection also provides the means to skip-scroll long lists. Vertical lists are sort-able but not yet save-able.

Highlighted names trigger actions:

in the trail, optionally, regeneration of the spreadsheet;

in the branch list, aspect list toggled between links and all aspects;

in the links list, selection becomes new branch;

in the aspects list, if:

blue Identities – device to change type, genus, label or suffix, using recycle library;

yellow Backtrack – device to locate different origins;

yellow Link – devices to add new names, clones, aspects, numbers etc;

dark green Manager – device to expand/collapse device list;

light green Device – device trigger.