It is possible to make a machine from HTML components. One function of this machine is to convert plain text into a personal display so that anyone can assemble their own information and store it where they want.

If you think about it all the major advances experienced on a day to day basis - ATM's, rail ticketing, bar codes and so on - involve a machine. Even pages for online banking and purchasing are really machine control panels.

What gets overlooked is that the Web is a source of energy - each click is like the tiny spark that keeps engines running.

Banks use the energy for online banking. Individuals can use the same energy to automate their own non-creative tasks; but for this they need web machines not web sites.

Limiting the Web to websites cannot help but centralise corporate control. Essentially websites are not for individuals; web machines are. Hopefully people will consider "One Web Two Systems" when asked: "What kind of Internet do we want?"